School Spirit Week

There are many reasons to have School Spirit Week - some of which are to bring the whole school together and bond all grades in creative, fun, and cheerful ways! We will be showing off our spirit this week, February 16-19, 2016.

Of course, there is some irony in starting School Spirit Week with a day off to honor President's Day! However, it is appropriate to honor George Washington, the first president of our country, whose birthday is February 22!


TUESDAY - CRAZY HAT AND/OR HAIR DAY - Let's see who can come up with the craziest stuff on top! Remember students should wear school attire as the rest of their apparel.

WEDNESDAY - DRESS NICE DAY - Students may wear anything from nice pants/tops to Sabbath dress or appropriate fancy dress. They may bring school attire to change into for PE and recess as needed. And, as always, remember to make sure everything is modest!

THURSDAY - MISMATCH DAY - This is the day to wear two different socks and shoes and/or colorful shirts and pants that mismatch! 

FRIDAY - OUTDOOR DAY - This day may include a walk to Van Raalte sledding hill IF there is enough snow. Students may wear things like flannel shirts and jeans/sweat pants. Required snow gear includes a coat, snow pants, boots, hats/scarves, and gloves/mittens!  STUDENTS SHOULD BE DRESSED TO PARTICIPATE IN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES!