Our Classrooms

Teacher Helping Student

Grades K-2

Kindergarten through second grade is when the foundation is laid for academic success. We help students build confidence in their math, reading, and writing abilities so that they can progress with ease through more advanced grade levels. Our K-2 classroom is also a place for children to make new friends, experience God's love through caring teachers, and learn important communication and social skills.



Grades 3-5 

Third through fifth grade is a time of discovery and exploration! It's when students begin to study subjects like science, math, Bible, language arts and history more in-depth. It's also a time when we encourage them to practice living out their faith through hands-on activities such as Bible Labs, to express their creativity in music and arts, and to begin solving problems independently. 


Grades 6-8

Our focus in sixth to eighth grade academics is on strengthening students' advanced critical thinking skills and helping them develop the study habits needed to succeed in high school and beyond. In addition, we begin challenging students to ask meaningful questions that will grow their faith and deepen their love for God.  

Students at Desk

Grades 9-10

Leadership is a key word for our ninth and tenth graders! As the most mature students in the school, we encourage them to play an active role in leading class projects and serving in organizations such as Student Association. We also equip them to take ownership of their personal academic development by asking questions and seeking additional guidance when needed.


Parent Perspectives