Jim Hundertmark, Principal, Grades 9-10

M.A. Teaching
B.S. Mathematics

Mr. Hundertmark has more than 18 years of experience teaching and leading K-12 schools. His gift for communication and need analysis are part of what has enabled him to develop systems that ensure student success. In addition, he is known for his collaborative approach of engaging students, parents, and board members in creating an even better school.

"I believe being an educator is a high calling, and I'm here to serve to the very best of my ability," says Mr. Hundertmark.

Jenny Kutzner, Grades 6-8

M.A. Neuroscience & Education - In Progress
B.S. Elementary Education: Integrated Science

Mrs. Kutzner has three years of experience in the Adventist school system. She enjoys creating hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that challenge her students to actively take leadership for their own learning. She also likes to incorporate collaborative sessions into the classroom, allowing students to learn new strategies and more diverse ways of thinking by working together. 

"There are so many aspects of teaching I enjoy!" Mrs. Kutzner says. "I love to learn, and my students teach me something new every day. I am a child at heart, so I love playing with my students and getting to connect with them on a personal level. I enjoy guiding my students and helping them understand the Word in order to live for Him, and it brings me such joy to instill in them a love for Jesus!"

Laura Frary, Grades 3-5 

M.S. Education, Reading and Literacy
B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Frary has eight years of experience teaching grades K-5. She has also been actively involved in kids' ministries at Camp AuSable, tutoring at Andrews University's Student Success Center, and providing training as team lead at Michigan's Adventure. 

"Why am I passionate about teaching? I've wanted to be a teacher since I first started school in kindergarten," Mrs. Frary says. "I love learning, and I enjoy sharing that with my kids. The classes I enjoyed the most in school were taught by teachers who you could tell were passionate about the content they were teaching. I strive to be like those teachers every day."

Nicki Grimsley, Grades K-2

M.S. Reading and Literacy
B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Grimsley has 13 years of experience teaching grades K-2 that includes serving as an inclusion teacher for students with special needs. She has a talent for developing multi-sensory lessons that capture children's imaginations while ensuring that each one's learning style and abilities are met. In addition, her positive classroom management promotes student responsibility while building children's confidence.

"I feel truly blessed to teach the grades I love in a Christ-centered environment," Mrs. Grimsley says. "My goal is that every student will love learning and look forward to coming to school. I pray they each will realize how much their teachers care for them and more importantly, that they have a Savior in Heaven who loves them more than they can possibly know."


Megan Mocca, Music

M.M. Choral Conducting - In Progress
B.S. Music, Vocal Performance

Ms. Mocca has several years of experience directing school vocal and bell choirs. In addition, she has served as the music director for multiple churches throughout her college career. Her expertise has played a valuable role in establishing a bell choir at Holland Adventist Academy and in broadening students' vocal choir education and performance skills. 

Julie Pittman, PE & Substitute Teacher

M.Ed. Special Education - In Progress
B.S. Elementary Education, Minor in Physical Education

Mrs. Pittman has nine years of experience serving as a substitute teacher and several additional years of experience serving as an art therapist for students in grades K-6. She is passionate about sports and teaching students how to care for their bodies through physical education and positive choices. 

Cindy Rios-Mata, Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Rios-Mata has over 21 years of experience teaching in schools from Costa Rica and Honduras to our very own Holland Adventist Academy where she has taught Spanish and served as a substitute teacher. She is dedicated to serving the Lord in the classroom and also at the Holland Spanish Church where she ministers alongside her husband.

Cheryl Johnson, Bible Labs Coordinator

Mrs. Johnson has a passion for Adventist Christian education and enjoys being able to serve at the church school as the Bible Labs Coordinator. Among many other things, this involves helping students become involved in outreach activities such as raking leaves, collecting items for Christmas boxes, coordinating nursing home visits, and sending encouraging cards to church members. 

"I find it such an important element in Christian growth, especially for children, to give back to the community, as it helps them to think of others before themselves," Mrs. Johnson says. "It is such a blessing to be a part of this ministry."

Rachel Nephew, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Nephew is everything you could ask for in an administrative assistant! In addition to being friendly and helpful, her background in business has equipped her with exceptional research, multi-tasking, and communication skills.